Application Information


Ullr Big Mountain Ltd. has limited space each season. Filling out the application form on the Ullr website acts as a statement of intent and puts your son or daughter on a wait list.

Once we receive the application form, the applicant contact will get a confirmation notice from the program director (by phone or email).

When or if we have space, the new applicant will be sent a registration link, and a player code, which will allow the athlete to fully register.

Official registration for new applicants does not begin until July of each year, (however we accept applications at any point). We also offer trial days during the winter, to allow the applicant to ‘test the water’ before making a full commitment to an Ullr season.

Acceptance to Ullr Big Mountain is not on a first-come-first-serve basis. We accept athletes on the basis of their ability to fit easily (socially and skill-wise) within a potential ski group, but also as limited by coach/athlete ratios specified by freestyle Canada. The application is essential to our screening process.

Wait-list times for joining Ullr Big Mountain may vary. Sometimes a new athlete can be accepted within a day or two of registering, and sometimes the wait can be up to half a year.

The ceiling for participant numbers fluctuates year to year depending, ultimately, on the availability of quality coaches. Our participation ceiling currently hovers around 140 – 160.

We reserve the right to revoke an Ullr membership in the event of regular conflict between an athlete/parent and other team members, or in the event of a breach in our code of conduct.


Interested in joining ULLR?